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Cannulated Compressive Screw System in Titanium Ø2.0 / Ø3.0 and Ø4.0mm

They are screws for bone synthesis manufactured in titanium alloy ASTM F136.

They have characteristics of non-rigid fixation, cannulated, self-tapping and Stardrive Torx fitting.


They are designed to offer the surgeon the possibility of fast and accurate fixation and compression in fractures, fusions and deformity corrections.


- Headless design, in which the proximal end is tapered and threaded

- Total screw accommodation, minimizing protrusions and tissue irritation

- Provides excellent interfragmentary compression during insertion

Cannulated Compressive Screw Ø2.0


- Distal Thread Diameter: 2,0 mm

- Head Diameter: 2,8mm

- Stalk Diameter: 1,5 mm

- Thread length: 4,0 a 5,0 mm

- Size: 10 mm to 20 mm

- Guide Wire: Ø0,8mm

Cannulated Compressive Screw Ø3,0


- Distal Thread Diameter: 3,0 mm

- Head Diameter: 3,9mm

- Stalk Diameter: 2,0 mm

- Thread length: 4,0 a 8,0 mm

- Size: 12 mm to 30 mm

- Guide Wire: Ø1.0mm

Cannulated Compressive Screw Ø4,0


- Distal Thread Diameter: 4,0 mm

- Head Diameter: 5,1mm

- Stalk Diameter: 2,8mm

- Thread length: 5,0 a 10,0 mm

- Size: 14 mm to 40 mm

- Guide Wire: Ø1.0mm

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